What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Baby Jane and Blanche

Ok, since my blog is obviously about random, unrelated things, I’ll add another one – a movie review. Well, not so much a review as a rant ( 😀 ) but I just can’t help it! I’ve seen it last night and I was sooo disappointed. 😦

I wanted to watch this movie because I was looking for an exciting psychological thriller and I like to go back to the older movies as they often proved to be excellent in this particular genre. Baby Jane felt like it will be exactly what I was looking for. However, I was deeply disappointed.

First off, I love Bette Davis (Jane) and Joan Crawford (Blanche). Nonetheless, their characters really got on my nerves because they were so over the top, both of them. Bette with the excessive “crazy person” look and Joan with the excessively polite person behavior. The movie wasn’t thrilling at all – it’s more of a drama than anything else. I don’t think there was one moment that held me on the edge of my seat, except maybe the one where  Blanche is trying to get to the phone downstairs. At the same time, though, I was irritated by it. Every time Jane would go out to run errands she would be away for a long period of time, giving Blanche enough time to seek help in many ways. Yet all she did in that time was one or two activities like eating candy or trying to get down the stairs. What, this took her hours? I know she was in a wheelchair but come on! If you’re afraid for your life you’ll frickin’ drag your body down the stairs if you have to. And you’ll do that as soon as your abuser left the house, too.

Another thing that really irritated me was Blanche’s complete incompetence. What, she couldn’t scream out the window when she saw the neighbor? She couldn’t throw things out to get somebodies attention? It’s not like they were living in the woods, away from all forms of civilization. Imagine you’re being held captive in your own house and you manage to get to the phone AND call for assistance. Would yo beat around the bush or scream “come help me right now, my sister is crazy! Come NOW!!!”?

For me, the whole movie is totally unbelievable. I don’t blame the actresses but the director, producers and scriptwriters. The movie’s full of plot holes and poorly executed storyline. That’s why I give it a 6/10 rating.


Acknowledge the problem

Ok, I’ve been in London for a full month now. I came here to attend an acting class, considering there are none in my home country. Before I got here, I had hoped I’ll bring myself a tiny bit closer to the film industry. However, that did not happen and I’ll tell you why. In order to get something you want, you have to work for it. The problem with me is that I obviously don’t want to work for anything in life, or I’m scared. I don’t know which of these terrifies me the most: am I a coward or a slob? Which would you prefer?

Anyway, I’m leaving in about a week and it just now occurred to me that I could have at least looked for some independent or student films to audition for or find work as an extra for a movie or a TV show. Of course, I did NOT do that; instead, I sat at home and wondered what I’m going to do in between Saturdays when my classes were. Now, when I reflect on my month’s stay here in one of the greatest cities in the world (imo) I really can’t be anything other than disappointed. In myself, that is.

But, there is one silver lining to my stay here. I really, really worked hard to become a better person. I know, it sound ridiculous but it’s true. I had A LOT of free time here to just sit with my thoughts and figure out what kind of a person I am vs. what kind of a person I want to be. That is another reason why I came here. I needed a break from my life and from certain people in it, and this was the perfect opportunity to put some things in order (in my head). As a result, I think I’ve become more relaxed, less irritated by what would normally irritate me, and I’ve become a tiny bit more optimistic. I say this because I realized today that I’m not as upset about the notion of being a coward and a slob as my old self would be. I would normally start crying and fall into deep depression realizing I’ll never change and will always be a failure in life. Instead, I feel confident about learning something valuable on my trip: go to auditions next time. I’ll try and come back here as fast as I can save enough money to support myself here again without anyone’s help (unlike this time). Next time then, I hope I really will try hard to make my dreams come true.