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Finally Positive! <3

The greatest feeling 🙂

Honestly, if someone told me a month ago that I’ll be this happy in the near future, I would have laughed at that impossibility. I was the most depressed person I knew in real life. Actually, I would say that in the final stages of my “former life” I was even becoming a bit lethargic. Then, I had an experience that changed my mind completely. If you asked how and what influenced me, I don’t think I could answer – it was as though my brain was chemically imbalanced and now it was finally OK.

And so, I entered a state of immense happiness that I couldn’t even handle at first. For the first time in many years I knew what it meant to be genuinely happy. It was as though I wanted to jump right out of my skin and experience everything all over again and all at once. From that day on, I was a completely different person. Well, I am still myself, but my focus shifted from negativity to positivity.

Finally, I started thinking about how I can make my life better, instead of why it sucks and why I’m such a loser. Now I’m confronted with new challenges, but I’m not afraid as I used to be. Sure, I’m still afraid of making bad decisions, but I know I’ll at least try to make a change for the better. Maybe some decisions will turn out to be the wrong ones, but I’m sure they too will teach me valuable lessons!


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